Stress and the Unconscious Mind

What if you knew stress was a sneaky little habit of your unconscious mind?  What if you knew that you had inner "secret superhero powers" that are activated by your consciousness of your unconscious responses.  Telling someone to just calm down, meditate and breathe usually does not result in true mindfulness that has a lasting affect over your life.

Build Your Inner Calm Hypnotic Journey

There is very little in life today that help to build your calm, and so much that reinforces the fear. It becomes necessary to consciously create a habit of building your inner calm. 
Adding in this hypnotic journey to your daily routine will begin to build an inner calm which has the potential to help replace anxious feelings or feelings that come from fear. 
Help me build a world of peace.  Start building your inner calm, remembering, Together We Are Strong!

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In these articles I explain how stress actually functions by the power of your unconscious mind and habitual responses.  I also explain how stress operates silently in the background and how you can develop the connection to your unconscious mind to begin to consciously set your state of mind.