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Soul Guidance for Transformation

Do you believe you are truly made up of 99.99999% energy?  Your cells, your body, you are truly energy.  What if you knew for certain that your experiences in this lifetime are ones you planned way before your arrival?  What if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you had access to unlimited resources and that abundance is your birthright?

One way etymology definess the word soul is as a noun and accounts it in Old English being sawol which means the emotional and spiritual part of a person.  If we are energy, sciende teaches that energy cannot be destroyed only transformed.  Is the Soul then the true aspect of the Being? 

I have asked clients to consider this analogy.  Have you had the priviledge to own different cars through-out your lifetime?  Your body is like another car for your Soul, a means of moving your Soul around, yet a sacred temple. What were the plans of your Soul?  Why have you chosen to be here at this very time on this planet?  Chances are if you are reading this information, you at some level truly know your Soul is calling you to awaken and remember.  

If you are made of energy, can energy ever be destroyed? No, only transformed!

The journey of the Soul is one that often times involves much healing.  One morning I woke up and wrote in my journal "Dear Soul, what were you thinking?"  To be awakened doesn't mean to be free of pain and to have the healing journey completed.  To be awakened means to realize that you have come here for an incredible transformation.

As you transform through releasing and healing, you begin to expand your the space within you to bring more of your Divine Soul Light into this 3D reality. You were made from Love and you were designed to shine.  Learn how your Soul's Journey is your pathway to living your most wonderful, fulfilling and rewarding life.