How is manifesting going in your life?  Have you achieved your dreams?  Have you considered lately, how is your self-esteem?  Are you clear about what self-esteem is and how it impacts every single aspect of your life?

Your self-esteem is one of your core vibrations in life. It basically sets the stage, the foundation for relationships, career, and your overall success including financial abundance.

Everything is energy, and your self-esteem sets up an inner vibration that attracts the matching vibration. You might be thinking, “well I have pretty healthy self-esteem”, and I ask you to consider do you judge any aspect of yourself?

Are you familiar with the inner critic, the judging condemning voice?

The judgements of the inner critic are at the root of creating the conflicting vibrations.  The inner critic is that inner voice that is not so nice that says mean and demanding things. The conflicting vibrations good/bad, worthy/unworthy, or good enough/not good enough send a very confused signal to the Universe.

In this series I explain the difference between self-esteem, self-image and self-confidence.  I explain how the power of your unconscious mind holds your self-esteem program.  Find out what is at the core of your inner vibration and learn how to take steps to lasting change