Your Soul’s Journey


​Part 1: Are you seeking a more meaningful and fulfilling life?


Do you constantly striving to be “better” and find yourself driven to seeking success, abundance, healthy relationships, and meaningful work?  How would your life be if you could achieve those aspirations you desire?

Have you ever considered that you are truly a Soul having a human experience, or do you most times don’t give that much thought at all?  Have you ever considered where are you on your Soul’s journey? When we talk about the Soul, it is not a conversation about religion, it is a much more organic topic.

Your Soul is your Soul regardless of any religious beliefs.  It is made of Light and from Light.  I love to use science when I work with people as I believe it is a basis for common knowledge. A meeting place of common ground.  A place where we can start from and go forward.


Science teaches that we are 99.9999% energy.  If we are energy, can energy be destroyed?  The fact is energy can only be transformed.  So while we take up a human physical body, we are made of energy.  If we are energy, following the findings of science it would be fair to say, we cannot be destroyed.  Would that then suggest that your essence is eternal?  Is it possible that you have once again journey here to Earth to have a Soul experience with some Soul agendas? Have you ever noticed that your human agenda may not be matching up with Soul’s agenda?


If you don’t believe in the possibility of having different Soul experiences, than most likely the topic of past lives is outside of realm of probabilities.  I know fundamentally there are religious teachings that teach against the concept of past lives.  However,  it is difficult to explain phenomenas like the research based on the story of James Leininger who from as a young child had vivid memories of dying as a pilot a fighter jet in WWII, a truly fascinating story.  There is also some data that suggests reincarnation was condemned 553 CE.  There is much research and evidence available to strongly suggest that we are so much more than we have remembered.

Daily Angel Love Meditation

If you are wondering how to reconnect to the awareness of your Soul Light, your true essence, then know have already taken some first steps as you are already hearing the whispers of your Soul.  If you study nature, you see synchronicity, and don’t discount it as coincidence.  You are not here by chance, but rather by choice.  You are not here by chance, that I can assure you.  How we connect to our Soul is through our hearts.  Please understand that your heart is the bridge, the gateway to your higher awareness, i.e. your Soul’s consciousness.  Often we have blocked our hearts with the pain and trauma that seems to accompany life.  Learning to work with your emotional body to facilitate a clear body-mind connection, you open the door to access your higher states of consciousness, your Soul.

What would your life be like if you knew all the answers you seek are actually within you? How would your life be different living a Soul fulfilled life?  What would you co-create?  How would you be manifesting love, peace, joy and fulfillment?  The more you clear your heart and reset you mind-body connection, the more access you have to the Divine Soul within you to create a most fulfilled life experience.