What is the Great Awakening?


​Part 4: Is it time? Is Your Soul Awakening?


Does the world making much sense to you lately?  Are you tired of moving through daily life in fear and uncertainty?  Do you feel like there is just more to life than what you are currently experiencing.   Do you find yourself questioning your life on a much deeper level?  Do you find yourself seeking answers, and perhaps attracted toward conversations of Spiritual or metaphysical nature?  What if you really knew that was the whisper of your Soul calling, would you answer it?  Would you follow the ever-so-slight whispers of your Soul?

Perhaps you have heard the term “Awakening” or “The Great Awakening” and wonder what does it really mean?  All one has to do these days is be in a space of observing to notice that we are in an incredible change.  A change can be seen as a collective shift.  A shift can occur on many levels.  For example a shift of awareness has great potential to create a shift in consciousness.  A shift can be in how we move and operate in our world.  A shift can come from learning something we hadn’t known before, or have taken a deeper view of something enlightening (awakening) our understanding.

The understanding of “awakening” was best described is that we have been asleep…in a very deep sleep.  We mostly operate as human doings forgetting that we are human Beings.  Its just not common place to think about the fact that we are made from energy and that energy can only be transformed (not destroyed).  Most people I speak to really have to think about that statement for minute.  But the truth is you are 99.9999% energy.  The next question is even more important.  What in your life is a constant reminder that you are a powerful Eternal Being?  How does this Truth move you through your life?  The truth for most of us is that we much more likely become “consumed” by our surroundings, whether that be activities, people, information and we truly forget our very True essence. Think about this from this perspective. Can you imagine how a dog would behave if she thought he was a cat. Better yet, can you imagine an elephant thinking she was a mouse?

This idea of awakening could be considered a rebirth out of the “illusions” that seem to create a story you call reality.  A process of transformation.  Reality is truly a set of perceptions.  In neuro-linguistics there we see the mind and belief systems as a map.  There is a key understanding in this work that no two maps of the people are exactly alike.  Think of it this way.  You take data into your mind through your five sense and you make “sense" of your world.  Its fair to say that your reality was made through your process of “making sense”.  What most people do not realize is that 50% of your beliefs about yourself and life were in place by about the age of 5.  So part of this process of “awakening” is to examine how you have made sense of the world and to perhaps begin to “shift” into new perceptions (understandings).

Daily Angel Love Meditation

The Great Awakening is more of a planetary event, where many Beings here on planet earth are moving through their personal awakening process and beginning to remember, that they are so much more than what they have remembered.  While this description is extremely simplified to convey this concept, my intention is for you to get the picture of what it means for you to personally awaken and what it means as we awaken on a world-wide scale.  Sometimes a tragic event is what sparks this journey, and other time its simply a movement of the inner Being, a whisper of the Soul.  There is a wonderful concept that I learned about truth and that is is that it cannot be taught, it must be learned.  I believe these personal truths lead us to an inner wisdom, an inner enlightenment.  The Great Awakening is a collective re-learning process that is currently taking place here on this planet.  The Great Awakening is an invitation to each Being to “remember” their true origins their true essence.

Are you moving through your awakening process?  Do you know just how much your beliefs impact this process?  Are you familiar with brain bias and how your brain is naturally bias to delete data instead of including it? How is your emotional body and your unconscious mind part of this process?  You are so much more than you have remembered and by following the whisperings of your Soul you will step more and more into your Truth, expressing your Eternal Essence, and sharing your Light with All.