Tune into the Power of Your Heart


​Part 2: So how do you tune in?  How do you find the answers you seek?  All the answers you seek are truly found within you. Your unconscious mind is the gateway to your highest, wisest self.   


Your heart has so much intelligence.  It is the first organ formed and it assists in the creation of your life.  Just as the heart has its own unique energetic power and it is responsible to pump life through your being . 

How much have you been taught to trust your heart?  Do you know what impassions you?  Do you often work to silence the whispers of your heart, or worse do you believe yourself a dreamer and that perhaps these dreams are just outside what you might call reality.

But what is reality?  Reality is truly a choice of perception.  Whatever you perceive is what you will create.  Perception sets the boundaries.  It sets the limits and the possibilities.  You have an innate ability to choose.  So what inhibits your choices? 

We can start with beliefs.  In the word belief is the word lie.  Words are so very powerful, they attach us to a reality.  Beliefs you hold can also close down possibilities.  Your heart knows how to love, yet sometimes, due to very difficult or extenuating situations, your heart can close down.   Your heart literally holds the energy of these wounds as an experience. The term broken-heart is a very accurate representation of what can happen when the Being experiences much hurt.  The wounds are emotional energy that sit right in front of your heart, and as it blocks out hurt, it also blocks out Light. 

But your heart also holds inner wisdom.  If we evaluate the word hope and the meaning coming from the thirteen century,  it means to wish for something.  Imagine what would you wish for in your life?  Living life from your heart center is the path to finding and living your life’s purpose. I believe your heart is hopeful and wishing, otherwise you would not be reading these words.  I believe your Soul continues to call you through your heart, and little by little you are hearing and answering the call. 

Discover Your Life Purpose

If you are wondering how to begin to connect to the center of your being, connecting into your heart, the journey begins with releasing.  What beliefs do you hold about yourself, your abilities, and life that could be holding back or blocking the full expression of your hearting so sensitive.  What hurts are harbored deep within as a protective layer to shield you from the harshness of life?

When you work with the power of your unconscious mind, you open to the inner power of you.  Realize your unconscious mind is the body.  It actually holds so much of life’s hurts that block your heart from its genuine, true expression of itself. Releasing hurts, old beliefs, and accepting all that has been places you onto an empowered journey of self-discovery. You are so much more than you have remembered.  Awakening the conscious that lives within is simply step on to your journey of becoming You.

So your heart becomes the keys to your Life / Soul journey.  So how can you being to tune into your heart?  In the next section, discover how you can work with your heart so you can tune into the deeper whispers of your Soul.