The Silent Stress That Steals Your Health


Part 3: The stress response is traced back to one of our human “primitive” responses, you know the one where we had to outrun a saber tooth tiger.

The problem is that the unconscious mind doesn’t have the power to differentiate between the fear of a saber tooth tiger and running late for work.

While you can consciously differentiate between these two experiences, your unconscious mind does not.  So the unconscious mind produces the same “fight or flight stress” response in the body. 

How is your immune system impacted? When we take a look under the hood, it really becomes “logic”.

When the unconscious mind has determined it is under attack (real or perceived), it releases the hormone related to stress -- corticosteroid. This stress hormone suppresses functions of the immune system.  One of these most important functions is to produce lymphocytes.

These lymphocyte cells are in the billions and their job is travel through your bloodstream.  So what do these lymphocytes do?  They produce two different types of cells, B cells and T cells.  The B cells create anti-bodies and they work around your cells to destroy any invaders.

The T-cells get inside your cells so if an invader does get in, the T cells multiply and work to destroy the invader. The lymphocyte cells travel through your bloodstream moving in and out of muscles, tissues, and organs defending against foreign bodies called antigens.  Antigens are cells that are categorized into bacteria, viruses, and cancerous.  Again, when stress happens the production of theses lymphocytes is suppressed.

The response of your immune system is completely based on the perception of your unconscious mind.  When left unchecked – i.e. unattended to your unconscious mind, it will run the program it knows to run – fight or flight.  The immune system stops the production of lymphocyte cells during the fight or flight response. The job of your unconscious mind is to protect you.  It generalizes to manage all of the “data” its processing.  The generalization prohibits distinguishing between a real threat and that which “feels” like one.  If it believes you are under personal attack, it will set your body up for protection of that moment.

When you pay attention (mindfully aware) you start to notice how easy it is to pop into that stress response.  I remember becoming aware of how my body thought its natural state was stress. 

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