The Heart of The Matter


​Part 3: Why is an Open Heart the Key to Unlocking the Secrets of Your Soul?


We often hear the term body-mind-spirit.  Have you ever wondered what the heck happened to emotions?  Would you consider yourself a highly sensitive person (HSP) sometimes also called an EMPATH?  Do you value the deep and meaningful conversation of friends and loved ones?  Perhaps you have often felt somewhat different than everyone else, maybe even at times feeling as if you just don’t belong here. Welcome to the club

Highly Sensitive People, also known as Empaths, often appear to “feel” much more than many of the people around them.  There are different theories as to why this may be, one being Soul Age, another being the openness of the heart.  Having an open heart may feel somewhat counter-intuitive to being on this planet.  But what if… that was to your advantage?

I remember always feeling like something must be wrong with me because I felt so deeply.  When I was  attending an Angel Healer Practitioner Certification workshop I for the first time recognized that many of the feelings I was feeling were not mine.  It was such a relieving feeling, like I was freed in some way.  I realized that through my sensitivity I was picking up on other people’s stuff.  

What if you are highly intuitive as well?  What if your sensitivity was actually a sacred key to unlocking your natural intuition?  How could this be possible?  What if your heart is a bridge, a gateway to higher knowing? Your emotional body, which is easiest to identify as your heart, connects you to your Soul.  The way I based the concept of the emotional body is simply based on the idea that the mind thinks and the body feels.  The heart is the first organ to be created in the body.  The heart is a torus field giving out energy.  The research today shows we have three brain, head brain, heart brain, and gut brain.  Studies are showing that  the head brain takes more data from the heart brain than vice versa.  Science also shows us that the brain waves go out 10 feet from your body, and heart waves go out 50 feet from you body.  Laws of the Mind teach us that you cannot logic (brain) emotions (heart).  Your heart is very powerful and smart!

So how much have you been taught to follow your heart?  What were you taught to do with emotions? Typically we are taught to shove them down, or make them go away.  Well since emotions are energy in motion we can’t make them disappear.  So our only choice then becomes to shove them down.  In yogic philosophy we might term it as “blocking the heart”.  If a person shoves enough hurt and pain down, they can successfully block their heart, blocking or mostly shutting off their connection to their true authentic nature, their Soul.

Daily Angel Love Meditation

So you might be able to see the benefits of sensitivity is having a more open heart, essentially then having more access to your Soul.  Your heart, i.e. your emotional body, holds the keys to accessing your Soul Light.  In Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, we learn that the unconscious mind, which is considered the body, i.e. the emotional mind, is the gateway to the superconscious mind, the Soul.  In Soul we remember we are all One. One of the most common aspects of the work I do with people is to help them clear, heal and open the heart from whatever may be blocking them from living their most fulfilling and authentic life.  It’s like letting go of years of hurt and pain, freeing up the space for refreshing and empowering energy.

What would change in your life, if you learned how to work with your emotional body?  How would your life be different?  How would you be different?  Living from an open heart empowers you to live from the breath and light of your Soul.