Stepping into Your Power


Episode 4: Based on the book "Soul Truths, The Journey from Grief to Peace".  This episodes invites you to Step into Your Power


Fear is a very real feeling at sometimes and at others, it sits below conscious awareness leaving you feeling restless and sometimes even anxious. Perhaps you have a loved one who is terminally ill or in the cycle of addiction. Perhaps, you are afraid of what to do now as your loved one has passed on.

All of these situations present the opportunity for fear to rob you of your peace.  What if you knew that fear also can become a habitual unconscious reponse?  This episode talks about how the feelings of fear can easily steal your power.

While you can't change the world around you, what if you could take back your power by tapping into the power of your deep inner mind?

Becoming aware of how fear is stealing your life can become empowering when you can begin to recognize that you do have other choices.  These choices can truly bring more peace into your life.  In the last episode we will explore Love and how love is truly eternal.