Self Esteem – The Secret to Authentic Success


​Part 1: Self-Esteem is how you feel about yourself. Self-Image is how you see yourself.  Your Self-Confidence is a product of both.

Your self-esteem impacts every single area of your life.  In this mini-series I explain how your unconscious mind holds how you feel about and see yourself, and how these together set your inner core vibration

Beginning with self-esteem, how would you rate yours?  It’s easy to feel really pretty good about some aspects of yourself, and perhaps, more habitual to feel not so good about some aspects of yourself.

Ever wonder how self-esteem is really created and why perhaps affirmations are not the most effective method to changing how you feel about yourself? 

 You may be thinking that feelings don’t really make much sense, so why pay attention to them?  Let’s look at this from a few different aspects and you can decide.

 Fact #1

Beliefs create thoughts, thoughts create feelings, feelings create your experience (behavior, state and vibration).

The unconscious mind loves to create habits, and we literally create habits of feeling and thinking.  So essentially, you have habits of how you feel about yourself.  You can have different feeling habits in different circumstances. Ultimately, how you feel about yourself has the potential to be changing the vibration you send out at any given time in a day.

The unconscious mind tends to bury things in what I would call the background.  The thoughts and feelings are all running in the background (like the operating system of a computer). You most likely aren’t paying too much attention to the background program, but rather consumed in the moment.

Fact #2

Science has measured brainwaves to extend about ten feet beyond your body, and heart waves about fifty feet from the body.  In the laws of the mind we understand logic cannot outweigh emotion, so our minds are often made up “emotionally”.

Emotions are far more powerful than logic.  In NLP, the unconscious mind is considered the emotional mind. The conscious mind works with logic, the unconscious mind works with images, symbols, metaphors and patterns.  Even though logically you may realize you want to feel good about yourself, if your unconscious mind has decided or stored data not to feel good about yourself, then due to habit and unconscious awareness, that is what is stored in the deep inner mind.

Self Esteem Recovering Your Authentic Self

Fact #3

Research commonly shows that fifty percent of your belief system has been in place since you were five years old. About ninety-five percent of your beliefs are in place by the time you are eighteen years old.

Science also knows that from the ages of 0-7 are the imprint years and we are imprinted by those around us.  At that stage of life, our beliefs are truly those of others.  So whatever we were told about ourselves, we took as fact.

The other tidbit to think about is who modeled high self-esteem to you?  Chances are this was not modeled to you and if loved ones who had the most influence on you held low self-esteem, that was the frequency that was modeled to you.

So keeping in mind how you feel about yourself is more powerful than how you "think" about yourself.  Feelings come from the unconscious mind.  Affirmations are an attempt of the conscious mind to influence the unconscious mind.  It is not an even match by a long-shot.

In the next section, we will look at self-image and how your inner eyes are creating your reality.