Love is Eternal


Episode 5: Based on the book "Soul Truths, The Journey from Grief to Peace".  Love is Eternal


Love is truly eternal.  You and your loved ones are connected beyond space, time and our physical bodies. Your loved one's energy lives on within you, forever within your heart and mind.

The journey from grief to peace is one I believe we remain on for the rest of our lives.  It helped me to believe that Brendon would truly not want me to mourn his passing, yet to truly celebrate his life. 

It's not uncommon that well meaning people will utter the words, "isn't it time you let go?" This episode talks about letting go of the pain, yet honoring and holding the true essence of your loved one knowing they live forever and you are connected by this love eternally.

Everyone's journey is unique.  The journey has choices along the way each day.  It is really not ever about doing anything perfect, it is simply doing the best you can in that moment.  Cry when you need to cry, tears are a shower for the Soul, but don't remember to laugh and smile along the rest of your way.  I believe focusing on love and celebrating life has the greatest potential to bring you peace on your journey.

If you would like to learn more about how you an ease your grief journey, I invite you to click the link above to the book Soul Truths: The Journey from Grief to Peace, available on Amazon Kindle.  I wish you so much peace and love.