How Hypnotherapy Really Works – The Power of Your Inner Mind


​Part 2: Hypnotherapy is often confused for the single modality of hypnosis.  Hypnosis is just one of the tools that can be used in hypnotherapy, however, it is only one of these tools. 

Hypnotherapy is a set of tools that can work with the person in body, mind, spirit and emotion.  The nature of hypnotherapy provides the opportunity to truly work with the “whole” person in an organic and natural process.

Hypnotherapy, as I practice it, has an extremely high potential to empower you to learn and understand how your body-mind-spirit-emotion connection is working in your life - and how you can make immediate lasting changes when and where you choose. 

It is important to understand that each hypnotherapist has different tools they bring to their clients.  I mentor and help you how to work with your unconscious mind, i.e your emotional mind; how to achieve desired brainwave states, how to build a mindfulness practice into your day, and how to manifest your best life.

I provide you access to simple tools that through awareness, learning, and practice provide you have access to clear choices and true change.  Once you learn a specific tool set, you experience true empowerment, and many clients report finding a new-found freedom in their life. 

These tools are what I call cut and paste tools, meaning you can learn them once, and then you can use them in several aspects of your lives.  It becomes an incredible engine for self-help and self-healing.

There are so many different types of tools that can be used in a session.  Even the type of hypnosis used can vary from session-to-session from hypnotist to hypnotherapist.  For example, there is conversational hypnosis and then there is script hypnosis.  Both of these methods, have the potential to assist a client to achieving a trance state.  It is from the trance state that the client has access to their inner mind, which is where change occurs.

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There are different levels of trance and different types of change work that can be utilized in the process of trance.  What surprises most clients is that they don't have to be 'under' in an unconscious state to achieve change.  That is one of the greatest assets to conversational hypnosis. 

The most important aspect to realize about how hypnotherapy works, is that it is a set of tools that includes a type of hypnosis that produces trance, and then can vary from there.  NLP (Near-Linguistic Processing) which is a highly-skilled tool that is designed to work with your inner mind, which is unique to you.

Other tools I use are based in up-to-date neuroscience as well as recognizing that your unconscious mind is the emotional mind.  I empower my clients with tools that assist them in working with mind, body and emotion.  If clients are open to understanding how Spirit connects in that is also an area of inclusion. 

In the next section, I explain how hypnotherapy can help you.