How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Change Your Life


​Part 3: Hypnotherapy has a broad range of effective and powerful resources for working with the body, mind, spirit, emotion connection. 

Hypnotherapy, while it’s not magic, it truly has so many incredible uses uses.  People mostly associate hypnotherapy as hypnosis - but there is so much more to hypnotherapy, including the amount of hours one trains to become certified as a hypnotherapist.

Common uses for hypnotherapy include smoking cessation, weight loss, insomnia, and phobias, but hypnotherapy is truly a best kept secret in change work and the body, mind, spirit, emotion connection.

The unconscious mind loves habit, so understand stress becomes the automatic response.  Stress is truly at the heart of most non-wellness.  Stress stops the immune system from working properly.  Stress gets more stress.

Learning how to manage emotional sensitivity is extremely powerful!

Hypnotherapy is a tool I combine with other mindfulness tools help people use to build their calm.  Stress is very much a core part of our lives today, and I always ask people, “what’s in your life that is building your calm’.

Are you an empath?  Some people refer to it as a highly sensitive person or an HSP.  Often times I work with people who don’t even know that they are empaths, they’ve walked through life thinking something is wrong with them.  Learning how to manage sensitivity is extremely powerful.  Hypnotherapy is the most useful tool to help you connect and truly work with your emotional body, helping you become more empowered.

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Hypnotherapy is an excellent resource for dealing with any kind of heartbreak.

Recognizing that sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way we hoped or imagined. Hypnotherapy is an incredibly excellent resource for helping to work with heartbreak.  Grief can be experienced in different ways in our life.  One of my mentors who is a 39-year psychologist says that “depression” is the de-pressing of feelings.  What if I told you your body was the grief case?  Your body holds the grief for you and your body is your unconscious mind.  .

Do you feel unfulfilled, and perhaps even guilty feeling that you "should" feel grateful? 

I spent years of my life not understanding why I felt so unfulfilled.  I had so much to be grateful for.  What I didn’t know was that it was a deeper part of my being just wanting to emerge.  This type of work is a bit more in the lines of Soul / Life Purpose. It is what I call the nudging of the Soul to awaken you to a deeper, more meaningful expression of you.

Remember, in order to renew, you need to release.  Hypnotherapy opens the access you need to wisdom and simple to use daily practices that help you create the change you are seeking to add into your life.

In the next section, I answer questions about the safety of hypnotherapy.