How Angels Guide You


​Part 2: What if You had an entire team waiting to help you in any way you can imagine?


Do you ever feel like you are all alone, or that everything is absolutely up to you?  Do you ever feel overwhelmed with life?  Do the ideas of genuine support and dependable guidance sound and feel so amazingly wonderful?

Angels are Divine Messengers, and are somewhat forgotten today in the mainstream way of living.  When you think of an Angel, you might think about a movie, or a story you may have heard.  Some people truly know and believe in the powerful energy of Angels, others are quite indifferent.

When my son Brendon was born, I just felt so strongly there had to be more to life than what I was experiencing.  I began to really study the things I could not “see”.  Angels are so truly loving, helpful, supportive and more.  They transcend our time and space.  They are guides, healers, teachers, helpers and more.  What if you could order up a tall list of “helpers” for your life?  What would you call for?  A simple little experiment to work with Angels is the next time you are going to a space, say like the beach, and you need help getting that primo parking space, ask the Angels of Love and Light to help you, asking a bit ahead of your arrival, and just watch what happens.

Angels cannot help you if you do not ask for help.  It’s like they have to sit on the sidelines, and sometimes what us stumble and fall down, only to get back up and do it again, because we just don’t realize, we’ve become asleep to their presence, their willingness to assist us.  Angels of Love and Light, Angels of Healing, Angels of Guidance, the Angels were made to help you and yes in your every day life!  You do not have to earn the right to be assisted, you are simply loved for you exactly where you are in your life no matter what!  There are not excepts of but to this love.  The Angels love us and want to help us… always!

Daily Angel Love Meditation

The Angels are always waiting to help you.  Simply by setting an intention, then asking, and then trusting they have your back.  It’s like you wouldn’t call someone on a phone, wait for them to answer and then hang up.  Sometimes we have to call upon the Angels, and then “await” their response.  The suggestion to work with the parking Angels is a great way to begin experiencing how you can invite the Angels into your life to assist you with absolutely anything!  Learning to work with Angels can be compared to creating a relationship with someone.  If you are in a relationship with someone, you spend some time with them, you speak with them and you listen to them as well.  The Angels can speak to you in most inconspicuous ways, but the key is that we need to be paying attention to the details.

If you could ask the Angels for help in your life, what would you ask for?  I invite you to spend a bit of time journaling a question or two for them, speaking from your heart.  Ask them to show you, “teach you”, how you too can work easily with the Divine Guidance of these loving helpful Beings.