Hearing the Call of Your Soul


​Part 3: Your heart is the gateway to your Soul – Your Higher Self.  It is the way back to your true authentic Light.


If you are made up of 99.9999% energy – can energy be destroyed?  Science is clear that energy can only be transformed. 

So what is your Soul’s calling?  How can you discover and live your life’s purpose? What if the purpose of  your life here at this time is to experience a truly transformational journey? 

What if your Soul held no expectations, demands, or requirements, but rather simply held a desire to express your Soul’s energy in this life time?

The Hero’s Journey is a literary work by Joseph Campbell that we can easily use it as a metaphor for the experience of the Soul.  In a very short description, the Hero receives a call to action and then goes through a series of trials to learn and grow before returning home.  Once the hero has triumphed, the hero can then help others through their experiences.

It may be hard for you to believe that this most likely is not your first experience with life, yet for some, it very well may be your first time here.  Chances are if you are reading this page, you’ve been through a bit more than most, and again you may often wonder, for what purpose.

There is a simple answer to this question and then a more complicated one.  The simple answer is you are here to love.  Love is one of the highest vibrations we can experience, and yet our planet is plagued with apathy.  I believe apathy occurs because of deep wounding. Please know some of these wounds can be generational wounds – yes wounds brought through the family line.  One of the first people you are here to love is first yourself.  That in itself is most likely healing on a very deep level.

Discover Your Life Purpose

So what if all the hurts and challenges have all been part of your call to action and trials as an opportunity to triumph?  It’s often easy to miss the call of the Soul, because we can become involved in making the trials our life story instead of our triumphs.

The beauty of your unconscious mind is its endless ability to recreate and recalculate.  It is never too late.  You are never too old.  Remember, “this is your dream and you decide how it goes” -Alice in Wonderland.

Your Soul’s Journey is your Life’s Purpose, but the challenges and trials can simply be part of the journey and not your entire journey.  You can use the power of your own heart and your unconscious mind to chart your course.  The choice is always yours.  You can drive forward looking back, or you can simply release and prepare to renew.