Forgiveness – A Gift You Give Yourself


Episode 3: Based on the book "Soul Truths, The Journey from Grief to Peace".  This episodes explores Forgiveness as a Gift


Everything is energy.  Holding unforgiveness for you or a loved one can hold you "down" and stuck.

Forgiveness often times is so misunderstood. Can holding unforgiveness can ever right a wrong? What is done is done. Unable to change the past, you do have the power to change the present and the future. Releasing unforgiveness opens the space for peace. This episode dives into the power and the gifts found in forgiveness.

How can you benefit most from the power of forgiveness? Often times we may wrongly blame ourself wishing, what if I did something different.  Learn how there is power in forgiveness.  What if our loved ones want us to be free from these types of heavier energies? Who can forgiveness honor?

Releasing unforgiveness opens you up to truly stepping back into your inner power.  In the next episode we explore how you can begin to step into your power.