Discovering Your Life Purpose


​Part 1: Do You Ever Feel You Don’t Belong Here? Perhaps you find yourself feeling unfulfilled? Do you feel like something is just missing? 


Do you dismiss those feelings with statements such as “I should be grateful” or “I shouldn’t feel this way.”

Are You am Empath? An Empath or a Highly Sensitive Person called HSP feel and sense Energy around them and can feel it very intensively. 

They can feel what another person feels. They can even feel the energy of the earth. They can become uncentered and ungrounded by the collective energies. Being in a crowd can be so much to handle. 

Often they think something is wrong with them. While the intensity varies, they often have very little or limited awareness of what being an Empath means not how to handle it. 

Almost my whole life I felt so different. I really thought something was wrong with me - especially for being so sensitive. I felt an inner void. I didn’t feel as though I really belonged here. I learned much later in life that I was highly empathic. 

Discover Your Life Purpose

What if you knew were just more attuned to a higher inner knowing. What if you knew you were truly here on planet Earth to help create the change and help others Awaken to remember all they truly are simply by shining the Light within you?

Perhaps You have been searching your whole life to understand yourself or maybe you have always sensed you have been called in some way.

By tuning in and listening to that inner sense, you can discover all that you are - much of what you may have forgotten, and you can step into the full expression of your Soul.

All the answers you seek can be found within you.  The secret is within opening your heart.  In the next section learn how your heart truly holds the whispers of your deepest calling of your Soul.