ourney Back To Your Soul

Access Your Natural Intuition

Step 2 Connect

Connect Module

Re-connect to a deeper conscious awareness of your Sacred Soul Self

The newly opened light of your heart discovered in Clarity, now leads you into the path of connecting with your Higher Self and your Soul Guidance Team who are always available to assist you into a deeper awareness of all of who you truly are.

Intuition is natural.  There is not one being on this planet who does not have intuition.  This intuition is your internal guidance system, and the Connect Module assists you in learning how to strengthen your inner guidance system (your inner awareness) by connecting you with your Sacred Soul Self and these incredibly loving Beings of Unconditional Love and Light.

Science shows us that our eyes only see 3% of what is - so how much of a story would you feel confident in fully believing if you only received 3% of the story?  Connect tunes you into your inner senses, i.e. your intuition, and assists you in developing your innate senses.  It creates an awareness of the Energy Beings, Angels, Ascended Masters and Divine Mother, who are truly ready and willing to assist you in your healing and ascension journey.

The work in this module includes traveling you through a Soul Biography uncovering most relevant past lives and journeys you into receiving enlightened guidance through a Life Between Life Journey, which combined,  deepen your connection and understanding of your Sacred Soul Self.

Clarity and Connect all prepare you for the next step in the journey - Co-Create!

Co Create


Co-Create brings you into the path of co-creating with the Universe.  Manifesting often times is from a place of the mind.  Co-Create teaches you how to uncover mixed vibrations that can potentially interfere with manifesting your dreams into reality. Co-Create assists you to create a truly unified inner vibration that matches fully the intentions of your heart empowering your ability to attract what you need to create your heart's desire.