ourney Back To Your Soul

Manifest Your Dreams into Reality

Step 3 Co-Create

Co-Create Module

Are you ready to co-create with the power of the Universe working with you?.

Co-Create brings you into the path of co-creating with the Universe.  Manifesting often times is from a place of the mind.  However, the powerful co-creating process is achieved through your energetic vibration, and therefore encompasses all aspects of your energetic bodies.  Co-Creating is the process of discovering and moving into your Life's Purpose and Soul Mission from a mind-body-heart-soul perspective.

Everything is a vibration.  You are a vibration. As you move deeper into your Journey Back to Your Soul, you move into deeper levels of healing continuing the release old, outdated energies that perhaps are from this life and/or past lives. These old, outdated energies which essentially create a "mixed" vibrational field within your being.  A mixed vibrational field sends mixed messages to the Universe (the zero-point field), and often is a cause for blocking the process of manifesting your dreams.

Co-Create teaches you how to uncover these mixed, and often times conflicting vibrations, while gaining a deeper connection and clarity of the intentions of your Soul's Mission.  Co-Create assists you in the journey of creation, by shifting from a "push" approach (masculine approach) into a process of flow (feminine approach).  It opens up a deep intuitive awareness of the Divine Feminine principals and process of Divine Creation.

This module assists you in the energetic process of intentionally planting into your conscious a clear awareness containing the heart seeds of your Soul's deepest desires and intentions, while holding a unified and matching vibration to bring these intentions into form.

Get ready now as you co-create your daily reality to manifest your dreams, stepping into Soul Consciuosness. 



Many souls have incarnated on earth at this time to be part of this great awakening happening on Earth at this time.  While each Soul is called, each Soul has a choice.  Each Soul is on its own healing journey. The Consciousness module moves you into the oneness of all that is - empowering you to shine the Light of Your Soul, and if you choose, to assist others on their Sacred Soul Journey.