Awaken Your Superhero with Intentional Conscious Awareness


Part 4: Your unconscious mind is so incredible powerful, it really is like a sleeping Superhero.  How can you build your inner Superhero?


One way is to consciously be aware of yourself through-out your day.  What?  Be aware of myself?  What does that mean?


It is so easy to get very caught up in the day-to-day events and surroundings of your life.  How many things are happening in your life that are adding to a stress response?

How many things in your life add to your natural, innate inner calm?  How can you begin to monitor the stress triggers and at the same time add in calm builders?

If you can remember one very simple thing – you are energy.  You are 99.9999% energy and EVERYTHING in your life is impacted by energy.  Remember emotions are energy in motion.

So just choosing to be conscious of the unconscious mind can make an incredible impact on your daily experience.  A great metaphor for the unconscious mind is that it is like a 2-year-old.  Imagine what a 2-year-old can do unsupervised.  Basically, it innocently can create havoc.  Neuroscience suggests we have 250,000 thoughts per day.

These thoughts create emotions.  Emotions create the body’s responses and behaviors.  Minding the mind.  Being aware of your inner thoughts and paying attentions to your physical responses.  Emotions are like a traffic signal to alert you that your attention is needed.  That attention will be habitual managed for you if you don’t choose to do so consciously.

Mindfulness is not like taking a shower.  Doing a morning meditation is very helpful, but if the process of mindfulness is not connected to your day, the unconscious mind will do the job for you and take over in habitually conditioned responses.

If your unconscious mind has created the habit of a stress response, (which most of us have naturally) that is exactly what it will continue to do for you. Hypnotherapy teaches that the unconscious mind loves habit.  Ultimately, your unconscious mind works to “protect” you.  If it believes that turning on the stress response will protect you, then in seconds that system is put into motion.

5 Minute Peace Project Grounding Energy

The process of adding in is quite simple.  Adding in small, simple routines to your day can add in mindful, chosen responses.

What actions and intentional processes can you add to your life today to build your natural calm response?  So much emphasis today is placed on meditation.  What I’ve learned from many of my clients is the admit to having difficulty meditation.  Did you know that there is medical research that shows that hypnosis and meditation actually stimulate the same part of the brain?

If you struggle with quieting your mind you are NOT alone.  I’ve worked with doctors, lawyers, professionals, college students – people from all walks of life.  Meditation is not a natural skill for most people.  The problem is we compare ourselves to others who may have been raised on this practice -and believe me you cannot at all compare the two.

Learn how hypnosis can place you into that natural, meditative state, quieting your conscious mind and opening you up to all of your inner Superhero powers within you.