Awaken to the Superhero within – Your Unconscious Mind


​Part 2: Your unconscious mind is responsible for running all your bodily systems.  I like to refer to these systems as “the stuff running underneath the hood”.

What I mean by that is you don’t have to consciously pay attention to these things – you could say they just magically happen.

You don’t have to consciously think about making your heartbeat, your cells divide, you don’t even have to remember to breathe – your unconscious mind does all of this for you and does it even while you sleep.

In hypnotherapy circles, we recognize and acknowledge that the unconscious mind is the emotional mind. 

Neuroscience is still debating where emotions come from, the brain or the heart, but science is getting pretty clear today that the heart is more powerful from an “energy” standpoint than the brain.

You may have been taught, go to school, get big brains, take care of your body, go to the gym or yoga or some other kind of physical process, and many people practice a spiritual practice.  What have you ever been taught for your emotional body?  What if you knew that your unconscious mind is your emotional mind?

The science is still out to lunch in agreeing on the numbers, some say your unconscious mind runs 90% of your world, other studies indicate its 98% of your everyday life.  It becomes advantageous then to learn how to work with your unconscious mind, which then by its nature helps you to work with your emotional mind.  Imagine what your life would be like.

There is so much to learn about your unconscious mind and the power of your inner Superhero.  Hypnotherapy is a natural, organic, set of tools that works with body, mind, spirit and emotion.  These tools help you work with the natural tendencies of your nervous system. 

5 Minute Peace Project Grounding Energy

Imagine running your car on just one or two wheels.  Silly to think about, but often that is how we run our lives.  This kind of life-style produces the habitual stress response.

Hypnotherapy can help you create the natural body, mind, spirit, emotional balance in your life that supports your body, mind and Soul including to support you in creating a naturally stronger immune response.