Healing Light for the Grieving Heart

The pain you experience from the passing of a loved one often times is felt so deeply in the heart. The energy of this pain is lodged into your heart and can remain a very long time. Releasing the pain from your heart will open a space for you to find peace in your journey.

We Are Energy Beings

We are 99.999% energy. Emotion has a Latin origin and means Energy in Motion. The intention of this meditation is to bring you to a quiet space where you can discover the inner world of your true authentic being, an energy being of light.

Freedom Through Self- Forgiveness

Forgiveness Frees! Are you being weighted down by the lower vibrations of unforgiveness? Have you given your power away to remain blocked in this stuck energy? Whether it is forgiving another or forgiving yourself, forgiveness is always a gift you give to yourself.

Releasing Fear and Stepping into Your Power

Fear can steal all of your power. It can make you believe that you are powerless. You are a very empowered being created by Divine Energy. Take time to release the false beliefs of fear and to remember your true essence of your eternal power.

Sweet Dreams - Resting the Mind, Body & Soul

Rest is a gift. Sleep is reparation and replenishing for the mind, body and soul. Resting the mind and body help to repair you from the inside out. Sleep is one of the most natural things we do. This meditation helps to focus the mind to slow the thoughts to welcome a restful sleep and sweet dreams