Life Purpose

Are you ready to change the world?  Are you seeking the meaning of your life?  Is life not quite what you expected?   Do feel like there is just something more?  Do feel an inner nudging,  a deeper calling from within but can't quite put your figure out what it is?

Is life not exactly the way you hoped or imagined it would be?  Are you becoming more aware on of the awakening on our planet?  The time has come and Mother Earth herself is calling.  You are here for a reason and your life has meaning and purpose.

Your unconsciuos mind is the gateway to the super conscious mind.  All the answers you are seeking are actually magically encoded within you.  The secrets are held within your heart. 

Science has learned that we have three brains, the head brain, the heart brain and the gut brain.  Your heart is actually the strongest, most powerful brain.  Some science is showing the heart sends more instructions to the head brain, which is pretty amazing. 

Your purpose has purpose!  You can change the world.  You can make the difference that is needed.  Your heart has incredible power and frequency.  The secret of the secret is emotions.  Your heart has a magnetic field that is 5000 times greater than yiour brain!

So the key becomes your heart.  The interesting connection when studying mind-body-spirit-emotion connection, we learn that the unconscious mind is your emotional mind and is extremely powerful. 

We mostly live our lives not conscious of the unconscious, yet the unconsciuos mind is truly running between 90-98% of your life.  Most of our lives are lived through habit. Can you even imagine what could be changed simply adding consciousness and awareness to your everyday living?

In these articles I explain some of the tools you can used to help you discover your Life's Purpose.  It is my hope that you do discover your life's purpose, my heartfelt intention is to help you reach yours.