A Journey to Your Sacred Soul-Self Meditation

Your Self worth is at the heart of all you are and do. It impacts every aspect of your life including relationships, prosperity, and success. Harsh judgements from the inner critic create low energetic vibrations within and contradict the energies of an abundantly loving, joy-filled life
Discover your Higher Self and your true Soul-Self Worth. Embark on this healing and mystical transformational journey into the depths of your being and discover Your true Soul-Self Worth, your true essence.  As you are guided inward deep into the center of your Being, you encounter a wise loving sage that guides you into the Sacred world of healing, love, and Light. Encounter the most gentle loving Energy of Healing that assists you into a multidimensional healing helping you release the misguided beliefs that have been long held within.
Experience a deep inner healing of the false-self and release the beliefs of unworthiness as you are completely immersed by an abundance of pure love and light. As you release these lower energies that result from deep inner self-hatred, unworthiness, not being good enough, or being unlovable, you recall your forgotten true identity of your Sacred Soul-Self. As you release these old limiting beliefs, you make the space to renew. Awaken now to remember your true identity, the beauty of your Sacred Soul-Self begins shining your true Light. Experience the joy that is born from the Wisdom of your Sacred Soul-Self that radiates self confidence that expresses your most authentic empowerment.