Journey Back to Your Soul lightcast

These recordings are best listened to with headphones in a place where you can relax and not be disturbed. They should not be listened to while driving or while your attention is required to your surroundings. If you are under a doctors care, please consult your physician before listening.

1 Centering into Your Inner Verse

This journey is for the purpose of tuning you inside to create an awareness of the center of your Being.
Practicing this journey regularly will assist you in easily connecting to your inner verse.  It is a great tool for creating calm in your life.

2 Explore Your Inner Verse

3 The Hidden path to Your Wise Self

Discover that all the answers you seek are truly within you.  Exploring the far side of the falls inside your inner verse meet your wise inner sage in the field of unconditional love.  Learning that you are an expression of the Divine Cosmic Intelligence and helping you awaken and remember all that you truly are - A Cosmic Being of Light.

4 The Secrets of Prosperity

Re-enter into your inner verse to discover the secret and hidden wisdom to true prosperity.  Discover how you can easily experience more joy, more health, more abundance in every aspect of your life with the assistance of the Sage of the Willow Tree inside the Mystical Forrest.

5 Journey into Your Light

Do you ever have the feeling you are blocked, or just stuck on your journey of life?  This hypnotic journey back into the Mystical Forrest, guides you to explore a path under the light of the moon leading you to remember and awaken to all of whom you truly are, your true Soul Self.  Your conscious self Image is a construct that was created by many illusions fostered by a sleeping collective conscious and lifetimes of limited beliefs.  This path provides the gateway to release these illusions and the burdens that accompany them, rebirthing you back into the awareness of your True Divine Soul Self Image, as you remember you are One with Divine Cosmic Intelligence, One with the Source of all Light.