ourney Back To Your Soul

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Step 1 Get Clarity

Clarity Module

Are you ready to finally gain clarity in your life so that you can experience the fulfilling life you imagine?

Clarity resets your perceptions ultimately changing the way you experience your daily life.  Gaining clarity by connecting mind to body, body to heart, opens your heart bridge enabling you to move deeper into the awareness of your Sacred Soul Self.

The journey through Clarity uncovers your current unconscious belief system that continues to keep you unknowingly imprisoned to the current map of your unconscious mind.

By establishing a conscious-unconscious connection, combined with powerful change tools to work with your unconscious, your emotional mind, rapid shifts of releasing and renewing result in creating a clear connection of mind to body and body to heart, awakening a deep awareness of the true essence of your Being an eternal Light that is within your heart.

his module assists you in gaining deep insights of how you work, what are the "blocks" that seem to be getting in your way of making your dreams a reality, of setting you free from any pain of limitations that seem to continually present themself when attempting true and lasting change.

Experiencing and learning the work and the day-to-day practical life building tool set presented in the Clarity module, connects you to the essence of all that you are and empowers you to create the life you deeply desire.  One of the most wonderful results of this module is the lessons are what can be called a "cut and paste" which essentially means that what you learn can be applied to all aspects of your life including relationships, raising children and the workplace.

This module prepares you to step into the full aspect of your Sacred Soul and opens you to the next module, Connect, which deepens these lessons and re-connects you to your Soul's gifts and talents, learning how to tap into to all the widsom that is truly available to you.  Your open heart is what actually bridges this connections.



Connect tunes you into your inner senses, i.e. your intuition, and assists you in developing your innate senses.
Intuition is natural.  There is not one being on this planet who does not have intuition.  This intuition is your internal guidance system, and the Connect Module assists you in learning how to strengthen your inner guidance system (your inner awareness) by connecting you with your Sacred Soul Self and these incredibly loving Beings of Unconditional Love and Light.