You Are Truly Divinely Designed One of Kind

You are an Eternal Being and just like your signature is unique, so is the Design of your Soul and Life Purpose.

All you seek can truly be found within you. Think about this... You would not try to use your toaster oven like your cell phone. Keep in mind these are both categorized as "electronics". There is just a basic understanding that these two devices operate uniquely.

Now apply this to the idea that we call ourselves "human", and we strive to live by an implied set of collective conscious rules, as if we all are designed to operate our maximum potential in the same way. Once I learned about Human Design, I immediately became fully fascinated with the information I began to learn, as understanding my "Design Type", I began to understand myself and how I need to operate my energetic blueprint.

Once you know something, you can't unknow it. It is never what we know that makes the difference, it's what we don't know that can make the most impactful difference in our every day life. The first step to learning about your unique design is to request your "body graph

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