Are You Ready to Change Your Life?  

Hi 🙂

My name is Christine Marie.  I assist others in reaching their goals and overcome challenges in their life so they can truly live the life they deeply desire.

The work I do today is because of my life experiences. Eight years ago my 23 year old son passed away and that has changed my life forever.  Brendon's passing was a lesson in my life and an Awakening for me to living my Soul's Destiny.

I am a Certified, Clinical Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Certified Online Conversational Hypnotherapist,  Transformational Life Mentor, Certified Master Trainer,  NLP / HNLP Practitioner, Soul Guidance / Sacred Mentor Pracitioner, Integrated Soul Activation Practitioner.  

Understanding the deep connection of body, mind, spirit & emotion, I use hypnotherapy, hypnosis and NLP to help you discover how to work with the power of your unconscious mind, leading you to deep transformation in your. 

The tools I teach are tools for life.  They are useful to  help you achieve lasting success and happiness and what I call cut & paste tools for every aspect of your life.

I utilize an up-to-date approach combining conversational hypnosis and hypnotherapy with powerful NLP / HNLP (Humanistic Neurolinguistic Psyhcology) based on  up-to-date neuroscience research yet built on the Ericksonian models approach, working with the design of your mind, and the essence of your being, recognizing all that you seek is truly within you.  I use a mentor approach as I believe in empowering my clients. My clients see a very fast result as these tools are highly effective to create fast and immediate results.


Everyone has a destiny... a Soul Purpose ... A Life Mission.  Earth is a sojourn for the Soul.  The things that happen in my work and my life I simply cannot make up!  The eyes only see 3% of what truly is around us.  Clearing the heart has opened my inner eyes to see life from a very different perspective.  I absolutely love helping people awaken to the inner whispers of their hearts, the calling of their Souls.  This work is truly transformational and becuase I work with the unconscious mind, the work is direct and immediate.  My clients experience deep inner change in a very short amount of time.

If you are serious and really ready to make that lasting changing in your life, if you are ready to live your BEST life now, if you are ready to heal and life your Life's Mission and serve your Life's Purpose - I believe fully your Soul has led you here to this site - the choice is now yours to take back your inner power and claim your transformation now.

Are Ready for Change?

Ths work is sacred work.  I currently work with clients individually.  I journey with you to where your dreams await your conscious arrival.  Learn how this work can help you overcome what you may have worked on for years.  Discover the secrets that are found within your unconscious mind and discover all that awaits you.